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First and foremost, in the unlikely event that I ever become famous, I would like to ensure that my name is not butchered in households across America. So, that being said, my last name is pronounced, "KRESGEE"-not "KRESAGE" which people insist on saying for some reason. Anyway, a little about me....well, I come from a VERY long line of military men and women who have proudly served our country. Just to name a few, my maternal grandfather served in the ARMY in a divistion that later became the Air Force. He served in WWII (at the age of 15), the Korean War, and the Vietnam War before he later retired after twenty-six yrs of service. My paternal grandfather served for four years in the ARMY, my father served for twenty-two yrs in the Air Force, and my mother also served for six yrs in the Air Force. Oh, and I myself am a military wife currently serving 14 yrs. I should probably clarify that by "serving" I don't mean like a prison sentence-I mean that the sacrifices that my family and I have made have also been partly for our country. Okay, enough about me. What you all really want to know about (since you're obviously reading this) is my photography. I'm VERY passionate about my photography to the point that some people *mumbles under my breath, "My husband"* would say that I'm even slightly obsessed...or not so "slightly". I love landscape photography and foresaw myself living in the mountains of Colorado or Alaska or Utah and taking pictures of the immense beauty that surrounded me there. However, life has a funny way of working out (and by "life" I clearly mean "the military life") so instead of winding up in the beautiful snow-capped mountains...I wound up in the desert in the sleeply, little border town of Del Rio, TX which also happens to be only three miles from Mexico. I won't lie, upon arriving here and seeing the complete lack of anything one could even remotely call "beautiful landscape", I had my landscape photography dreams crushed. However, not one to allow myself to be defeated (especially in regards to my photography dreams) I picked myself back up and decided to defiantly tackle this tough landscape. I will not be beaten by this dry, desert brush that covers every square inch as far as the eye can see. So, that being said, I've had to approach my passion differently, photograph outside my comfort zone, and really work hard to capture subjects that make interesting and picture-worthy photos. It's been a real challenge but to be completely honest-it's making me a better photographer every day. You see, when you live in an area where the landscape is beautiful-the world is your oyster. You can point your camera just about anywhere and you'll wind up with a beautiful landscape scene. But when you live in a region as desolate (and quite frankly-ugly) as I do, you have to go out and LOOK for beauty and you have to be able to find beauty in the every day. I work very hard to capture the interesting, beautiful, and sometimes tragic sides of my subjects. I hope you'll join me in my journey as I continue to discover new and exciting subjects-but above all, I hope you can feel and appreciate the emotions that I'm trying to capture in each image. One final note, as I have opportunity to travel across this country (which won't be very often), I will be taking my camera and thereby YOU along with me. In October of 2012 I made a trip to KY and I have shared those images with you. I will also be making trips to VA over the next few years and will be sharing the photos that I capture on those trips too. I only mention this so that when you see some of my pictures and think, "There's no way that's Texas"-you're absolutely correct. I'm not trying to trick you in any way-I just wanted you to know up front that some of my images may be vasty different from others. However, I hope you enjoy them all.

Amber Kresge

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